Other Means Returns from Summer Vacation on Tuesday, September 25th!

Even if you’ve been out of school for years, come celebrate the crisp (we’re hoping) fall weather and delightful smell of freshly sharpened pencils as Other Means presents:

Young Adult Fiction (for Adults) Night!


Emily Gould, Zareen Jaffery, and Meagan Brothers!


Last Exit Bar, 136 Atlantic Ave, downtown Brooklyn

**$5 suggested donation**


Enjoy readings from three of the most exciting voices in Young Adult fiction right now: Emily Gould and Zareen Jaffery (HEX EDUCATION) and Meagan Brothers (DEBBIE HARRY SINGS IN FRENCH). You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and, before we’re through, you’ll have an unflattering yearbook photo and an awkward crush on your English teacher (not really).

This month, our readers have asked that donations benefit BARC—Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition—Williamsburg’s non-profit, no-kill animal shelter.

Meagan Brothers is a writer and musician from the Carolinas who currently lives in Asbury Park, New Jersey. She has been a featured poet at the Cornelia Street Cafe, the Bowery Poetry Club, and ABC No Rio. Her chapbook, 1978, was published by CafeMo Press in 2001, and she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2002. Her first novel for young adults, DEBBIE HARRY SINGS IN FRENCH, is due out from Henry Holt & Co. in June of 2008.

Emily Gould and Zareen Jaffery have been bff since 2004, when they were both working in the editorial department of a publishing house in New York. One day they were bored and they started emailing each other about their favorite YA books and movies. Emily had just finished reading a Gossip Girls book and Zareen had just seen The Craft on TV. They hatched a plan for a book that would combine their favorite aspects of both those things. HEX EDUCATION was written in Central Park and in cafes all over New York. Nowadays, Emily blogs for a living at Gawker.com, while Zareen is an editor who works on both fiction and non-fiction. They still finish each others’ sentences on a regular basis.

Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition’s (BARC Shelter’s) mission is to provide safe haven for homeless animals and find permanent, loving homes for them. The animals in BARC’s care receive quality food, shelter, and medical attention. BARC meets the needs of the animals through the assistance of dedicated volunteers, revenues generated from the success of our onsite SHOP, BQE Pet Supply, and from private donations. Established in 1987, BARC is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, no-kill, privately funded animal shelter, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For more information about BARC, visit http://www.barcshelter.org



The Other Means Reading Series was founded to initiate and encourage meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships between New York City writers, lit fans, and community organizations. Each month, three writers collectively choose a local charity to support. At our readings at Last Exit (the final Tuesday of each month), attendees can learn more about the charity, make donations on the spot, or find out about volunteer opportunities. All money collected through our $5 suggested donation goes to that month’s charity. Other Means aims to engage not just writers and charities, but to help people change their ideas about charity. By working with local community organizations and mobilizing attendees to give small donations, Other Means hopes to change people’s minds about how much you have to give to make a difference-to show that small donations matter, and that charity isn’t just for the rich.

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One response to “Other Means Returns from Summer Vacation on Tuesday, September 25th!

  1. PS For those not familiar: “young adult” writing is writing aimed at readers 12-18, written by writers of any age, and typically strives to tell a story about, and relevant to, the lives of teens. Also it is AWESOME, and a genre where some of the most exciting, ground-breaking, and boundary-pushing writing is being done these days. Come find out more at Last Exit on Tuesday, September 25th, won’t you?

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