Join Us Tuesday, March 25th: Felicia Sullivan, Daniel Holloway, and Dorothy Robinson

Do you like sweet and sour chicken? Black and white cookies? Pat Benetar’s “Fire and Ice”? Yes, you do, because you have a sophisticated palate that enjoys contrast and variety. In honor of that palate (and that chicken), Other Means Reading Series is proud to present to you an evening of memoir and humor, guaranteed to make you cry, laugh, laugh until you cry, and possibly buy a coffee.

We are thrilled to have Felicia Sullivan, Daniel Holloway, and Dorothy Robinson reading with us on Tuesday, March 25th, at 8pm at the Flying Saucer Cafe (494 Atlantic Ave, between 3rdand Nevins), in support of Girls Write Now.

Felicia C. Sullivan is a graduate of the Columbia University MFA program. She is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee and a Best American Essays notable. Her work has appeared in the Huffington Post, Swink, Post Road, Mississippi Review, and Pindeldyboz and in the anthologies Homewrecker: An Atlas of Illicit Loves and Money Changes Everything, among others. Sullivan was the recipient of the 2005 Tin House memoir fellowship, and in 2001, she founded the critically acclaimed literary journal Small Spiral Notebook. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Felicia will be reading from her new memoir, The Sky Isn’t Visible from Here.

Daniel Holloway is the chief film critic for Metro newspapers, where his reviews and commentary are seen by more than 800,000 readers in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. He can be heard every Friday on NPR’s national morning news program, The Bryant Park Project, and has appeared on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday, Court TV’s Star Jones and WHYY’s Radio Times. His first book, Dating Makes You Want To Die (But You Have To Do It Anyway), will be published this fall by HarperCollins. His work has appeared in 944 magazine, The Comics Journal, The Miami Herald, Spin magazine, The Tallahassee Democrat, Time Out New York and Tokion magazine. He lives in Brooklyn with ā€” in order of preference ā€” a wife, a cat and an Xbox 360.

Dorothy Robinson is the co-author of Dating Makes You Want to Die.

Girls Write Now (GWN) provides a safe and supportive environment where girls can expand their natural writing talents, develop independent creative voices, and build confidence in making healthy choices in school, career and life. GWN provides at-risk New York City high school girls with emerging writing talent an opportunity to be custom-matched with a professional woman writer who serves as her personal mentor and writing coach, meeting with her weekly for the duration of an entire school year, and for up to four years. GWN also enrolls each student in a vibrant writing community ā€” all mentees and mentors gather monthly for genre-based group writing workshops conducted at our offices within Teachers & Writers Collaborative in midtown Manhattan. The year is punctuated by three annual readings, college and career prep seminars, field trips to cultural events, and endless opportunities for scholarships and publication. The magic of the program is reflected in a solid nine-year track record, a 75-percent member retention rate, a 100-percent college acceptance rate, an annual anthology of original writing, and the seven-genre portfolios each student emerges equipped with each season. Founded in 1998, GWN was the first organization to ever present this combination of powerful services, and it continues to be the only program of its kind in the eastern United States.


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