We’re back! TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1ST *8 PM* Venue change!: REANIMATION LIBRARY, inside the Proteus Gowanus complex, 543 Union St.

Hello! It has been a long and hardy hibernation for the Other Means reading series, but we are back just in time to have one first/ final reading before the end of 2009. We’re teaming up with The Reanimation Library (an amazing Brooklyn library of out-of-circulation books that is open as a resource and inspiration for artists, historians, and the generally curious) to put together a one-time-only event, benefiting the library, and utilizing its unique resources.

Poets Julian T. Brolaski, Paul Foster Johnson, and E. Tracy Grinnell, and fiction writers Caitlin MacRae and Bob Powers have all created original works based on materials found at the library, and they will be reading them! For you! For the low, low, suggested donation price of $5! There will also be wine and snacks. All proceeds from the suggested donation will go directly towards keeping the library up and running.

This event will be held at REANIMATION LIBRARY, INSIDE THE PROTEUS GOWANUS COMPLEX, 543 Union Street in Gowanus, *NOT* the Flying Saucer coffee shop, the traditional home of Other Means.


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